Our Capabilities and Facilities

The capabilities of Raibod Co. are limited only by one’s imagination. Our new processing facility has enhanced our already unique ability to meet each and every one of our customers’ needs. There are enough spaces for packaging high-quality and update products in the world and maintain modern methods such as cold storage.

Raibod has the versatility to do many things that others can’t. We are large enough to handle most any order on short notice, yet agile enough to fill almost any special request.

Essentially, Raibod Co. can do it all: Fresh-cut or bulk produce, Raibod label or private label, custom sizes, packs, mixes, or recipes. You name it.


our Capabilities and Facilities

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Raibodcaviar`s Staff:

Beyond all the resource at Raibodcaviar’s disposal lie the core and indispensable force –Staff and competent one at that, without any organization can excel. Raibodcaviar have 156 well-trained, energetic and creative personal in various aspects of its business – purchasing, quality control, shipping, marketing and logistics management. All that company has achieved today is largely due to the teamwork and effectiveness of this work force

Why is raibodcaviar?

Raibodcaviar Infrastructure:

Raibodcaviar Infrastructure:

Raibodcaviar has a custom refrigerated warehouse that goes back to international standards to ensure that only the best products end up with consumers. Raibodcaviar also has an appropriate logistics system to ensure the highest order quality. Raibodcaviar has several inspectors delivering products to your car without losing quality.