Let us introduce ourselves

About the Building

Fan Avaraan Pishtaz Raibod Trading Co., metaphorically called Raibod business groupe, with registration number of 3380 has started its activities on a continuous basis since 2014 with the aim of expanding and development of respectful working relationships with merchants of various countries.

Beyond all the resource at Raibodcaviar’s disposal lie the core and indispensable force –Staff and competent one at that, without any organization can excel.

Raibodcaviar have 6 well-trained, energetic and creative personal in various aspects of its business – purchasing, quality control, shipping, marketing and logistics management. All that company has achieved today is largely due to the teamwork and effectiveness of this work force.

The company has possession of refrigeration for caviar and storing different kinds of fruits and with extensive gardens able to create good cooperation with its customers and fortunately introduces its products to market of countries such as Russia, the UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan and India and is trying to take steps in market of European, America and East Asia countries.

The most important factor leading the company to a top priority for the supply and purchase of Agricultural products and marine products, including caviar and sturgeon meat among the domestic and foreign customers is standardization from picking up to packaging with constantly monitoring and precise control of the processes by experienced forces.

At present, raibod Company aims to have negotiations and the initial correspondence with its external customers and could take a major step in the process of economic visas through the agreement.

How it all came to be…

Director’s Message

Our proud is that can introduce high quality products and goods produced in the Iran via this site to people all over the world, you will know more about our country’s capacity and you make a choice and buy thing that you want and rest assured we will try, you have best choice and achieve to your choice in most appropriate way.

Through this website and other communication ways has been created interact with honorable customers. We believe that this relationship and Bilateral engagement will affect our advances day to day and we use from your valuable feedback in order to develop and move forward company to serve our customers. Raibod business group is active by providing diversified products such as caviar and sturgeon in around the world.

ur trading activity is carried out based on human values, observance the professional ethics, the importance to customers, observe the laws the countries of aim and regulations universal, winning the trust of the community for health our products and responsibility. In final words, we thank you for collaboration and kindness and we will try to provide a good service for you.